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Keeping focus

I had made non yard plans today because we were supposed to have rain.  Yet it skipped us.  Tomorrow, though, the forecast assures me, there will be rain!  I have a backup yard plan if it doesn’t rain as much as they claim.  Time will tell.

Since we can potentially work on the house as much as we can work on the grounds, it’s sometimes hard to follow any given plans.  Today, I spent very little time outside because I wasn’t expecting to, but since the weather was crazy warm (hit 80+ again) and no rain, by late afternoon, I found myself outside looking about to see what was what.

Even though about half of our non building/driveway occupied property is currently still covered in some sorts of lawn variant grass, the sheer number of growing bits can feel overwhelming at times.

Look, ma! I'm growing!
Buds by 28 April–many more would be seen if I had taken a picture today.

The Berry Army has grown threefold since last year, and they are all over the place.  It is going to take some time to wrangle them.

Same with what seems to mostly be two varieties of bush (one of which I have noticed all around our neighborhood can grow quite tall).  We’re trying to keep our plans rolling along as best we can as everything seems to be exploding from the ground, but I still feel like I’m falling behind.

I know part of this is because I’m again living where snow can easily still be on the ground at any point in April.  My brain hasn’t quite accepted this fact, even though it is aware of same.  So I feel a sort of anxiety about “OMG IT’S MAY AND I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO STILL”, which is hard to tamper down.

I’m still trying my level best.  During my walk around I found myself seeing all sorts of plants I honestly could not recall if they were here last year or not.  Many, I’m fairly certain were, others I find myself looking through last year’s photos to see if there is any glimpse of them.

Shoots!  Shoots everywhere.  I know what a lot of them are, but not all by far. I’m fairly easily distracted, especially by my natural curiosity, so right now it is quite difficult for me to stay on track with what we’ve planned.

It doesn’t help that I’m trying to squeeze together a few of the “fortnight” stages in The 2 Hour Garden book.  On one hand, I know we simply could not have done the April things in April given the weather.  On the other hand, since I know how “few” hours are supposed to be needed per stage, I feel oddly determined to manage it.  We don’t even have the scarlet bean seeds yet, so I’m still trying to find a way to balance the reality of our April with my wants of now.

Oh–and I picked up the two books on rain gardens that were on hold at our library for me.  I’ll talk about rain gardens a bit tomorrow if it rains.

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