2021 Compost

Last Updated on June 28, 2021—This list updates as our general compost develops.

We currently have three compost areas: smaller woody bits, leaves, and a general above ground compost that is fenced in, winter covered with a single layer of cardboard.

~ What we’ve put in our general compost this year ~

Notes: Although I would love to be very precise about when and how much of whatever gets added, for now this will be a general list.  I’m considering adding a rough memory based 2020 Compost Page because we are not yet at the stage where we have dividers in the bin, so there’s overlap from last year.

  • used tea leaves (mostly black tea, some mixed tea)
  • crushed eggshells
  • kitchen veggie/fruit scraps (nothing cooked–I will start listing them out per plant in the future)
  • natural fiber bits (cotton or wool pills, threads)
  • old natural fiber garden twine
  • goldenrod stalks
  • milkweed stalks
  • day lily stalks
  • hosta stalks
  • burdock leaves
  • woody vine bits
  • spent non-woody vine bits
  • tall grass bits (unknown grass types)
  • cat hair and claw bits from trimming
  • human hair
  • whatever leaves blow into or fall from the tree/shrub canopy above the bin
  • cardboard with all the labels and tape removed
  • walnuts that had turned

Please feel free to add a comment below with questions or thoughts about this list.

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