2020 Plantings

Last Updated on August 15, 2020 — This list updates as the garden develops.
(Please Note: Hopefully before July 2021, I will add the icons I kept promising.)

Last frost date: Est: May 20; First frost date: Est: September 20. [122 day season]

~ How to read the plantings list ~

Name: Listed alphabetically by a common name, and, when known, the Latin name.

  • Status Pending – non-formatted common names mean I’m unsure if alive or not.
  • Survivor – bold names have emerged from a ground sown seed, or an indoor/transplant lived a week past replanting.  If death occurs after survivor designation: any survivors keep the name bold, if all are lost…then struck out.
  • Deceased – Plants where the entire attempt has shuffled off this mortal coil.

Sow Type

  • ground – seed sown directly to ground
  • indoor – seed/bulb/chitting/set started in jar/pot/egg carton indoors
  • transplant – bought starters, tree saplings, or mature plants from on or off grounds

Date(s) listed are when they were planted. Year noted when not of this year.

Numbers (ex: 2/8)

  • The first number is how many we started with, regardless of sow type.  A “?” next to the first number means we can’t find the count or forgot to note it.
  • The latter number denotes survivor total.  A “!” denotes we are awaiting results.

~ The List ~

basil– starter transplant; 24 May; 1/1

bells of Ireland, Moluccella laevis– ground; July 29; 3/!

canna- ground; June 2; 3/!

fiddlehead flowers, Phacelia Tanacetifolia– ground; July 29; 9/!

garlic, from store – indoor; fall 2019; 3(?)/!

gladiolus, ground; June 2; 25/20

lily of the valley, Convallaria majalis – off-ground transplant; fall 2019; 3/3 (and making more already)

lobelia, Lobelia erinus, ground; July 29; ?/! (seeds are so small I don’t trust my count)

morning glories, Grandpa Ott, Ipomoea purpurea – germinated indoors; May 29; 6/2; June 4; 6/2

onion, from store – indoor; sown 27 May; 1/!–forgotten or volunteers; no date; ?/2,

parsley– starter transplant; 24 May; 1/0

potatoes, ? from store, 2 from last year – indoor; chittings July 28 2/!

rosemary– starter transplant; 24 May; 1/1

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