Note to Future Me #13

So…the 2020 pandemic thing was quite a surprise.  Hopefully that’ll be over or at least under control by the time you see this, the biggest gardening take away: waiting until later winter/early spring to order seeds is a bad idea.  Even if you, like (Present) Me, actually have the list ready quite a bit of time before you figured you might order. We have to step up our timeline.  Trust me on this. Continue reading “Note to Future Me #13”

Note to Future Me #12

You realized in the past (mid 2019 I think it was?) that maybe, just maybe, it would be helpful to add Tags that were location/local conditioned based like hardiness zone 5, Massachusetts and New England.  Some crappy day when it’s no good to work outside, go back to the older posts and add that stuff when it makes sense to do so. Continue reading “Note to Future Me #12”

Note to Future Me #11

Stop dithering and either make two small leaf bins, or figure out how to make the time to clear out all the tiny saplings for the larger spot you and your partner picked but haven’t made time to clear yet.  I’ve already put too many leaves in the compost, though I did at least make sure to make them somewhat easy to take out later.  Sorry about the dithering!  Do better than current me, please.  [Later Note: Woo!  Done!]

Note to future me #8

I know you’ll be anxious a lot this year because once again there is so much you want to do and gosh darn it you had to have learned something last year, right?  At least it was way better than two (now three) years ago, right?  Yep.

Don’t forget you now have a porch swing to go to sit and think or forget or ponder or whatever.  You will get overwhelmed.  Take a break and go swing. Continue reading “Note to future me #8”