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Note to Future Me #13

So…the 2020 pandemic thing was quite a surprise.  Hopefully that’ll be over or at least under control by the time you see this, the biggest gardening take away: waiting until later winter/early spring to order seeds is a bad idea.  Even if you, like (Present) Me, actually have the list ready quite a bit of time before you figured you might order. We have to step up our timeline.  Trust me on this.

Better yet, use that note I just wrote out and stuck in the left hand side of the center drawer labeled “2021 SEED LIST” every time you get a notion for seeds to buy.  Don’t worry about budget yet, just jot the name down.  It’ll likely get whittled down later.  The browser computer bookmark system that Past Me used is kludgey and sometimes things go in the wrong folder so we can’t find the name to look up later.  So just jot the name down on that list even if you want to bookmark it for later research, and before Xmas rush time when your partner is too busy to think straight, agree on what to buy and then place the order.

So…near Columbus Day maybe?  That sounds good.  I’ll even make a note on our Calendar now…half a moment…October 12th…same as Canada Thanksgiving, how about that?  Anyhoo–I wrote SEEDS on the calendar (yes, in all caps) with a green marker.  Ya can’t miss it when you flip to October.  Hopefully by then you won’t have forgotten to use the 2021 SEED LIST note so all you’d need in October is to decide what you can buy from the list with whatever budget you have to work with then.

I can’t yet guarantee what will make it this year for us to save seeds from, and we’re really whittling down on what little we had to begin with as it is.   That’s why this is especially important for you.

You won’t forget, right, Future Me?   You’ll be annoyed if you do, and then some other weird calamity comes up and interrupts the system again when you do get around to ordering.

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