13 July, 2021–Office Window View

The July 13, 2021 image within my office window view series.

An afternoon photograph of an urban backyard in New England on July 13, 2021. From foreground to just beyond the center of the image, there are storms have battered the common milkweed flowers. Towards the right edge of the image, the milkweed is slowly being outpaced by goldenrod now reaching taller but not yet in bloom. A few young oak saplings can be seen just behind both. A single climbing vine of oriental bittersweet searches for something to cling to at the lower center edge. Various sized stones can be seen where some taller plants were blown down near the center of the image. The right edge from center back has various shrubs and the trunk of one tree lining the border. In the background, the rear treeline is lightly shaded, and bits of a dusky sky is seen through the upper branches near the top edge of the image. Dotted amongst the center to left mid ground are tall yellow asters, behind a burlap wrapped tomato cage. More golden rod can be seen clustered to the left below the trees behind them.

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