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July 13th, 2021–Office Window View

The July 13, 2021 image within my office window view series.
I know there’s not much change from last view since I was late taking it last week, but you can see how much more battered the milkweed flowers have been.

Yay, managed to get this up on time even if not much has changed aside from more storm damage.  This has been a tough year on the garden.

The weather has beat the heck out of many of our taller soft stem plants (soft as in herbaceous, so not a hard woody stem), and I need to cut some of the milkweed back so they might yet flower again now that I’ve spied a few solo Monarch butterflies pass by in the last few days.  (I have posts about recent sightings forlornly unfinished in my drafts. Not enough hours in the day.)

[Note: I’ll later note prior office window views here that were taken near to this date when time allows. This note will be deleted once that happens.]

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