Weekly Site Changes: May 22-28, 2020

Another week, another report.  Since I started prepping the next week’s draft once the current week goes up, that really seems to help keep the ball rolling.  *cringes at tempting fate after writing that*

  • Updated 2020 Plantings Page as needed.
  • Also realized I asked folks to add comments or queries on the 2020 Planting Page, but had neglected to turn on comments for that Page.  Fixed that.
  • Updated “what I’m planting soon” widget as things progressed.
  • Added prior unposted Office Window Views for:  May 23, 2018, July 22, 2018, June 1, 2019, June 22, 2019.
  • Found a handful of blank dated templates for daily garden journaling, but only one had anything actually written besides the date, Garden Growth–19th May, 2019.

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