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May 9th, 2020 (morning)–Office Window View

That poor wee concrete creature!
Rain spattered storm window adds an interesting texture.

The rain seems to have let off now, so I’m not sure when the remainder may be washed away.  (Right after I posted this, we have scant few snowflakes falling instead of rain.)  I’m cringing because my partner uncovered the lavender without asking a week or so ago, and I meant to try to put together a cloche we had gotten to cover it before the snow.  Feel asleep yesterday before I managed as I’ve been in an off time with sleep the last few days.  Insomnia is a nuisance sometimes.  It’s supposed to warm up to 41°F today, with winds and more rain.

Oddness about this image: I don’t know why, but the bits of the old concrete splash guard we had dug up when we were working on the regrade in…*looks at older pictures, winces*…in 2018?  Yeah–we need to get that done this year.  Anyhoo, to my sleep addled brain right now, they look like a young version of some rock monster that is either being pulled beneath by something (and obviously doesn’t want to go), or is reaching out for something that’s perhaps just outside the scene.  (A parent?  A friend?  A pet?  Who knows.)  Sleepy brain has wild imaginings sometimes.

Compared to May 8, 2019:

The whole yard looks skewed to me in this shot, given the tarp and cold frame.
May 8, 2019

Compared to May 9, 2018:

So many raspberry runners...ouch!
May 9, 2018

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