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May morning snow…

While waiting for the kettle to boil for tea, I happened to look over at the outside door while giving one of our cats skritches.  The deadbolt was not locked.  As I drifted away from our biggest floofer to lock it, there it was–the foretold May snow.  I didn’t reach over to turn on the outside light to see how deep, but from what light was behind me it looks to be at least an inch, possibly two.

Even in the still dark, I can see it out my office window.  I  will try to remember to take a picture when it’s light enough outside to not need a flash.  From the water speckles on the window, it may be washed away by then.

I’m rarely worth much in the morning other than to check the cats’ dry food and water until I’ve had a cup of tea.  It’s worse when my sleeping schedule is off, and in those times I desperately need that brief time to sort myself.  I can’t imagine how any natural night owls handle being farmers.  Maybe they just sleep through the hottest part of the day?


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