Weekly Site Changes Update: May 1-7, 2020

Trying to pick back up where I left off, which led me to realize I still have others from earlier this year sitting in drafts.  *eep*

Backdated changes made:

  • Added April 18th, 2020–Office Window View since I wanted to use the image anyway as it was relevant to a post I wrote this week.
  • Reversed the order of the slideshow so the newest image shows first, then works backwards in time.  It’s much shorter than last year because I always drop off the year before’s images per recent update, and I still haven’t caught up posting all the 2019 Office Window Views.

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Weekly Site Changes Update: January 3-9, 2020

I want to immediately point out a happy re-discovery: there is a very easy way to see all the tags one has used.  I had forgotten as I hadn’t looked for the overall list in a while.  This will make ferreting out near dupes and typos easier than I feared.  Hooray!  That’s one headache gone from the process later.

I know I said I was going to wait to do the weekly reports until I started dusting off unpolished content, but I have to admit keeping records help me remember what I’ve done in case I need to fix a foul up.  Thankfully the progress with the first step (Culling the Categories) is going much faster than I thought. Continue reading “Weekly Site Changes Update: January 3-9, 2020”