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Weekly Site Changes: May 8-14, 2020

Yay!  Another installment, and I’m actually really happy with what I’ve managed this week.

Changes made:

  • Added last week’s update list a day late because I.
  • Created the 2020 Plantings page, changed the navigation menu to bump 2019 to a sub/child link.
  • Updated both 2018 and 2019 Plantings pages as much as I could, though 2019 still may need updating depending on records found later.
  • I’ve started to ditch the “growing in gardner” Tag on older posts, after researching more about Tag use.  (The notion of using your blog or site’s name to help SEO results felt silly when I first read it was a good idea, but I’m glad further research proved it is silly and sometimes even harmful to searches, depending on the engine because every time I added it I kept thinking “this is so redundant”.)  I will start noting in the rollover below wherever I left off each time I’m updating the Tags on old posts for my own sanity.
  • I have also decided it’s silly to have a separate Tag just for the 2020 site change updates, since I already have a “site changes” Tag.  So I’m also ferreting out those to only have the “site changes”.  Fortunately, there’s not as many to fix.
  • Made the 2 “Notes to Future Me” posts from the recent general summary post where I realized I had written two as I was writing the post.
  • Updated both the “Critters” and “Our Plants” pages a bit.  Much more work will happen to those as time allows.
  • Finally got around to writing the anniversary post which is backdated, despite being written weeks later.  Internet Magic!
  • Updated the data page, and realized as I was scanning the rest of the info that I have no idea what the heck “food animals” and “food insects” is supposed to mean…Past Me, help me out here!
  • Finally got around to taking a picture of our 2019 rain storage bottles to finish a draft post about emptying it way too late.
  • Polished a draft post about when we ran out of “free” water for the garden last year.
  • I finally figured out how to get back the original captions on Office Window Views that had them overwritten by the slideshow widget because those just have a date due to space.  Hooray for the History feature in posts!  Now I just have to fix the ton of images that timed out of the slideshow.  *sighs*
  • Did the best I could to finish the Burdock draft post for now, since I have a related image I took today (14th).  Since I’ve been jumping around timeline wise trying to catch up, due to how WordPress files images (by the date uploaded), the quicker I catch up, the less regretful I’ll be later when I’m trying to find where in the blazes an image I want to use again is because it might not be filed in the Image Folder the same as the backdate of the post!

Still to Do and Rollover (with notes and changes):

  • By May 1st at latest: Double check all posts’ Cats and Tags. (Oh, Past Me, I’m laughing right now.  But I also understand why this still isn’t done too.  You had no idea how weird things would get back then when you set this deadline.)
    • Continue Tag cleanup (typos, dumb ideas, excessive growing in gardner).
    • GiG tag removal progress: still only the first few I did immediately
    • Create either a widget or something under the Our Plants page that has all the new Tags listed for posts that used to be under sub cats of Plants or newly make Project Progress.
  • Do the darn Planting Page icon drawings already!
  • Keep catching up on missed former Office Window Views, don’t forget to add each to the widget slideshow. Try to get 7 done per week until caught up.  Start noting where you left off for your own sanity.
    • Also go through media files and make sure all OWV labels and names are consistent.
    • Make sure earliest views are tagged as such, before we came up with the “tag”.
    • Revert all the captions on OWV’s that have timed out of the sideshow.
      • Start a new admin only page for the caption override to keep track of which are fixed or not.
  • Do the changeover for “Friends?” Page and explain why that’s changing.
  • Decide what to do for a rotating header–possible home page only if possible?
  • Is it too early for a static home page to feature things?  I’m still uncertain about this.
  • Start sketching out format for 2Hr Garden series for consistency.
  • Finish current draft for first 2HG series this year.
  • Add one new plant a month to “our plants”.
  • Add one new critter a month to “Critters”.
  • Consider a Cloud tag/placement.
  • Keep working on the garden plot plan.
  • Feature image of the month/week widget? Or not needed if rotating out the header?
  • Schedule for second story window view images!
  • Polish draft posts overall.
  • Any reality to time available for once a month comic? (You have one idea, draw it and see what happens.)
  • Find a way to check if side widgets really cannot be seen in tablet or phone form. Find a work around if that’s the case.
  • What is “food animals” and “food insects” supposed to represent on the data page?  I’m so confused because it doesn’t seem to be what my brain wants it to be.

[REMINDER: If you shut off the scheduled post option to add something before you go to bed, don’t forget to turn it back on after you’re done so it actually posts when it’s supposed to, you silly!]

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