Weekly Site Changes: March 20th-26th, 2021

As I write this, I feel the ghosts of poorly planned gardens in the past breathing down my neck and judging me.  I’m at the point of the year when I will once again need to both actually be gardening as I also keep posting.  I’ve not yet perfected the art of being consistent with both at the same time, and as I glance over the site fix To Do List which is awesome to behold in its own right, I am girding myself for the inevitable days ahead when I will have to remember that winter doldrum dally time is over and focus on what it’s really time to do!

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Weekly Site Changes: March 13th-19th, 2021

Oh, the pitfalls of depending on common sense being common.  Once upon a time a free WP migration to self host was easy peasy to do via file transfers.  Things have since changed, and this move was fraught with hiccups and annoyances that are still eating up precious spare time I’d rather be spending on other site changes.  Still, it’s gotta get done.

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