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Please pardon the mess

Hullo, there!  Whether you’re wondering why this site looks familiar, or you’ve never been to my old site, welcome!

The Short Story to folks from my old site: I’m still dealing with the results of a sorry excuse for an export/import tool set.

The issues from that tool set means there’s still a few kinks a lot left to hammer out, and I am unsure how long it will take to do so.  Because so many of the inline links are still pointing to the old site, it’s taking a lot of time to go through each post and pick out both text and image links that are pointing to the wrong site and fix them to point here.  This is taking much longer than hoped, and I simply can’t see the logic in postponing any longer so I moved everyone.  I also have some posts I started this year (and Office Window Views I’ve taken) that have not yet been posted, but when I polish them, they’ll be backdated.

~ IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT THE FOLLOW WIDGET HERE: The Follow Widget in the lower right (or footer if on mobile) does not always WAI. If you use the widget to subscribe, you might not notice an uptick in the number of followers.

If you do not see such, please use the Contact page and tell me your email address so I can report it to WP support.  Once this issue is 100% resolved, I will amend this portion.

In case anyone is wondering, I did change a few colors a bit compared to the old site.  If you find any captions or text difficult to read due to lack of contrast, please let me know as I may have missed changing it when I altered the CSS file.

Starting next week mostly likely in April,  I’ll be back to doing Weekly Site Changes posts on this site each Friday for anyone curious about how the progress is going.  Although I have moved more than one of my sites, this one is the one I’ll be fixing up first in full.  Partly because it’s the biggest, and partly because it has the most followers!

Current Status:

~ Quite a few posts lost some of their categories, though fortunately only four posts lost all of them.  The remaining that I have to fix were formerly in Conservation, Monarch Guardianship (sub of Conservation) & Plants, Seeds (sub of Plants).

~ I also have some in-site links to fix, because they still point to

~ I also need to do a last gallery comparison check to make sure all the images made it here in one piece and are linked properly in the posts to which they belong.

~ Once all that’s done, then I’ll have to do a general once over to see what other bits may have slipped through the export/import cracks.

~ I’ll also post about what I dealt with during the migration, as well as what worked fine, what I could work around ahead of time, and what failed miserably despite precautions.

~ I realized as I was checking some posts that I really never did finish the tag clean up last year, but I’ll hold off on that until all the site migrations are complete and functional.

Care to share thoughts on this?