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Weekly Site Changes: February 11th-17th, 2023

Sometimes, I feel like the Petunia.  “Oh no, not again.”

At the moment, I have fallen out of what level of update habit I had.  I’m glad that some things in my life are getting back to a sense of normalcy, but unfortunately I cannot yet predict any potential consistency in the near future.  There are a few updates I did to the site prior to this week over the course of the last year, but they were very minor and as I forgot to note the “when and what” at the time (except, I think in cases like the Critters page and so forth where I can easily see when last I updated them), there is no record of such other than it happened sometime between the last update and this one.  I think there is one prior update week I had started, but have to go back and check it to see if it’s just a leftover copy of the week prior with no new info, or just never got published because I forgot to schedule it.

I also realized as I was looking at the last most recent site change notes which were published that I wasn’t even sure what mattered at this point and which directions I still want to go or not.  So this week I decided to just wipe out most of the rollover notes, and instead put them in a draft for next week’s when I’ll have more time to start sussing out what matters or not.

Here’s this week’s updates and progress notes.  Future updates will again include more future based plans as needed.

Recent Changes:

  • Updated the Last Frost Date widget. (I think this was during this week…might have been last week.)
  • Changed out the site’s header image.
  • Some behind-the-scenes maintenance that a site visitor might never notice because those changes mean the site is WAI.

2023 To Do:

  • Sketch out a bare bones site progress plan for this year.
  • Add 2023 compost and planting  pages.
  • Update the Present Plant Plans widget.
  • Check that last draft of a weekly change update and see if it just wasn’t scheduled or it wasn’t as its only the copy of the week prior so it wasn’t an actual update.
  • Office Window Views–yeah….there are many many more to add now, but at least you took them!
    • Speaking of…update the widget to the most recent pics if time allows.  Really try to have this done before March.
    • As usual, Past Me is a terrible person because they just let things slide so Future Me will be burdened with catch up–what a jerk!  Future Me, don’t ever be like Past Me.
  • Try to make some short videos this year to see if it’s fun/well received–maybe not this year if the learning curve is too much.
  • Revisit the old laundry list of things the site needs and update that.
  • Reach out to the creator of this theme and ask if they will do an update.  Otherwise, Future Me is going to have to update it because all the Mes just don’t want to stop using this theme, so it really needs to be updated due to WP changes.
  • Start a loose sketch of the yard plan for the year.
  • Start a list (and find a home for it here) of all the things in the Garden that
    • must happen this year
    • would be really nice if they happen this year
    • really should happen, but could be put off another year
    • is what a certain someone says they will do this year, but likely will not
    • barring money falling out of the sky, is really wishful thinking

Accessibility Related to Do:

  • Dive back into the research for this.  Who knows what’s changed in two years.  Keep reading up on the latest accessibility changes on WP to get a better understanding of how alternate options are presented on the blog.

[REMINDER TO FUTURE ME: If you shut off the scheduled post option to add something before you go to bed, don’t forget to turn it back on after you’re done so it actually posts when it’s supposed to, you silly!
RELATED REMINDER: Make sure the date you schedule for is the right day. Even if you fix it later, it still hangs around on the WP Reader.

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