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Four small glass bowls with pea seeds in water in a window for germination tests.
After the germination tests I’d done prior, I am using the city water. Sadly, the fact that the water seems to help break down the seeds faster isn’t the greatest thing…but it is what it is.

kitchen windowsill
city water

  1. 9 peas, alderman (Territorial Seeds)
  2. 9 peas, little marvel (Heirloom Seeds)
  3. 9 snow peas, little purple–plasma treated (Territorial Seeds)
  4. 9 snow peas, little purple–non treated (Territorial Seeds)

If I have time to find the post that I didn’t finish prior that explains what plasma treating is…I’ll finish it and then link back to it. It’s a fun thing I’m experimenting with thanks to a friend who has access to a lab.

I found a copy of the photo showing it that I uploaded on April 17 of 2021…so that’s likely around the time I can find the post that was never finished. This is the image my friend sent me of him “zapping peas” as he liked to call it.  For science!

Plasma-fied Peas

Care to share thoughts on this?