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More free rocks!

Photo of a pile of rocks of various types but mostly in the pale tan range on a grassy area near a bed showing the spring growth of azaleas, day lilies, goldenrod and a few other lower growing green leaf plants.
Be nice to your neighbors! Good things can come of it.

I had mentioned to our new neighbors to the west that we’d been planning to put in a dry creek bed along the west strip of our property between the shared rock wall and our home.

They just bought the house recently, and have been doing projects of their own over time. Today, they offered some of the rocks they had no need of for our dry creek bed project. She and I moved them together and it was a nice opportunity as we worked to chat about things as well. I gave her some black eyed susan seeds I had since she said they had lost some of the brown eyed susans due to the landscaping they’d done earlier in the year. I’ve not managed to save seeds from the browns yet. Fortunately they have kept coming back on their own, so I hope to have another chance this year.

We also walked about the backyard a bit, and I told her about what we’d added, what was here long before us and the challenges of rewilding without being over run by volunteers. I also helped her ID a few plants, some of which she has and others not.

I am so grateful to have good neighbors. Some places we lived in the past were not as pleasant.

Care to share thoughts on this?