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Reused plastic cookie trays filled with cut up pieces of TP rolls filled with germinated seeds and potting soil.
I try to reuse whatever I can. Here I used washed plastic trays from store bought cookies. Inside are “plugs” I made from cut up pieces of TP rolls filled with potting soil.

kitchen windowsill
city water

  1. 9 beets, Merlin (Territorial Seeds, 2021)
  2. 9 pumpkin, unknown type (Saved from 2020 Halloween store bought pumpkin)
  3. 1 pumpkin, jack-o-lantern (Heirloom Seeds-last of free 2018 batch)
  4. 9 pumpkin, small sugar pie (Hart’s Seeds, 2020
  5. 9 pumpkin, small sugar pie (Territorial Seeds, 2021)

Night time windowsill shot of today’s batch of soaking seeds. I’m running out of south facing windowsill that the cats don’t regularly try to sit in, but fortunately the night time temps are stabilizing out of freezing levels.

Five small glass bowls with identification tags of the seeds soaking within on a windowsill. There is a reflection of a hand and the camera taking the image reflected on the window as it is night outside.
Nothing but pumpkins! The labels I’m using up because they were leftover from a long ago business I had. When they’re gone I’ll probably just use a grease pencil to keep track.

I’m hoping to move the plugs outdoors tomorrow and will put them inside my good ol’ quick and dirty cold frames.


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