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Forgot to post this! My apologies.

Old window lying on some scrap lumber to act as a cheap and dirty cold frame for gardening. The window is half open, and that half is screened. Planting plugs can be seen behind the screen.
Kludgey, but works!

I took the small sized cold frame out of the garage so I could move the plugs into it. I also hauled out some rain barrel water from our stash in the cellar, and made sure nothing was “resting” in the watering can that was closest to the door. (One year, I had left water in a can over winter and a small rodent tried to get a drink and drowned in it. Not the most fun thing to find months later.) I’ve mentioned it before, but when we empty our rain barrel to take it in at the end of season, I always fill up old vinegar jugs we have so I can use them over winter on house plants, and in spring for inside started seedlings and later outside as well. Given how little rain we’ve had the last week, I am so glad I have some left over. As of writing this, there is no rain forecast any time soon.

Speaking of the rain barrel, I meant to get it out for what rain we did recently have, but at least it’s outside though not in place. Why? We’re due winds, and no rain in site for likely a week. Thanks to me forgetting to put the rope back in the house, critters chewed it all up last winter so now I can’t tie the barrel to the porch as I had done in the past when it was still empty.

Empty plastic rain barrel tied to the post of a front porch to keep it from blowing away as it's still empty.
I’m so glad I did tie it up because it likely would have blown over before the rain started to fall.

So right now it’s out back by the bulky exit upside down. Unfortunately/fortunately the Autumn Olive That Will Not Die is lovingly embracing it (yes, it grew back that darn huge), so I don’t have to worry about it taking a trip elsewhere in the neighborhood for the time being.

Hopefully I will have some new rope soon. Been so busy I only could stop at a few places in town and everything was synthetic. Given I’m trying to avoid plastic…no thank you. Might have to order it online. Time will tell.

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