Seeds Started 20230529

An old vinyl window being used as a cold frame.
Sooooo many saved yogurt cups.

mid sized cold frame
saved rain barrel water

  1. 9 beans, scarlet runner pole (Heirloom, 2018)
  2. 15 beans, black turtle dry (Heirloom, 2018)
  3. 15 corn, Dakota black (Botanical Interests, 2020)
  4. 15 corn, sweet Golden Bantam  (Territorial, 2021)
  5. 15 corn, sweet Hopi blue (Territorial, 2021)
  6. 15 corn, pencil cob (Heirloom, 2018)
  7. 15 melon, Lilly (Territorial, 2021)
  8. 15 melon, honeydew (saved from grocery, 2018)
  9. 15 squash, acorn (saved from grocery, 2018)
  10. 15 squash, butternut (saved from grocery, 2018)
  11. 15 squash, butternut (saved from grown above, 2019)
  12. 17 sunflower, evening colors (High Mowing, 2021)
  13. 29 sunflower, enchanted garden mix (Heirloom, 2019)

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Seed Progress 20230527

Forgot to post this! My apologies.

Old window lying on some scrap lumber to act as a cheap and dirty cold frame for gardening. The window is half open, and that half is screened. Planting plugs can be seen behind the screen.
Kludgey, but works!

I took the small sized cold frame out of the garage so I could move the plugs into it. I also hauled out some rain barrel water from our stash in the cellar, and made sure nothing was “resting” in the watering can that was closest to the door. (One year, I had left water in a can over winter and a small rodent tried to get a drink and drowned in it. Not the most fun thing to find months later.) I’ve mentioned it before, but when we empty our rain barrel to take it in at the end of season, I always fill up old vinegar jugs we have so I can use them over winter on house plants, and in spring for inside started seedlings and later outside as well. Given how little rain we’ve had the last week, I am so glad I have some left over. As of writing this, there is no rain forecast any time soon.
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Seeds Started 20230526

Reused plastic cookie trays filled with cut up pieces of TP rolls filled with germinated seeds and potting soil.
I try to reuse whatever I can. Here I used washed plastic trays from store bought cookies. Inside are “plugs” I made from cut up pieces of TP rolls filled with potting soil.

kitchen windowsill
city water

  1. 9 beets, Merlin (Territorial Seeds, 2021)
  2. 9 pumpkin, unknown type (Saved from 2020 Halloween store bought pumpkin)
  3. 1 pumpkin, jack-o-lantern (Heirloom Seeds-last of free 2018 batch)
  4. 9 pumpkin, small sugar pie (Hart’s Seeds, 2020
  5. 9 pumpkin, small sugar pie (Territorial Seeds, 2021)

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Grape Trellis Project Part 2

Hard to tell from pick, but sturdy.
Thank you neighbor(s) that got rid of these.

I mentioned before picking up some trellis for free that we plan to use for the volunteer grape we found on our property.  (Likely seed brought by birds from a multiple section chain link fence length of grape just under a block from our house.)

My partner suddenly decided at gloaming last night that it was a fine time to put it together.  I pointed out that he’d be drilling the pilot holes and screwing them together in the dusk if he was lucky, and the dark if he wasn’t.  I’m almost afraid to see what it looks like come morning. We did not paint it as I wanted because no budget for such at the moment. Continue reading “Grape Trellis Project Part 2”

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Along the driveway progress

This was barely started last year, and we found an hour to spare today with co-operation from the weather, so we hopped on it.  Tomorrow I’ll post a bit more info about this project area overall.

For now, just two progress images, and I did not plan the before/after well because the shots are not exactly the same, though one seems much closer than the other thanks to Photoshop cropping.  I put in arrows on the worse off pairing to show which post in the fence is the same to give a better idea of the change. Continue reading “Along the driveway progress”

FWIW, we have no dog.

Our house came with a doghouse, but we have no dog.

We both like them, but cats have been better for us with our multiple moves over the years.  Now, with funds tight, it wouldn’t be nice to bring in any animal that would only add to our expenses.

Last year I planned to somehow convert said doghouse, but never made up my mind as to what.

We still have no dog, but the doghouse remains.