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Grape Trellis Project Part 2

Hard to tell from pick, but sturdy.
Thank you neighbor(s) that got rid of these.

I mentioned before picking up some trellis for free that we plan to use for the volunteer grape we found on our property.  (Likely seed brought by birds from a multiple section chain link fence length of grape just under a block from our house.)

My partner suddenly decided at gloaming last night that it was a fine time to put it together.  I pointed out that he’d be drilling the pilot holes and screwing them together in the dusk if he was lucky, and the dark if he wasn’t.  I’m almost afraid to see what it looks like come morning. We did not paint it as I wanted because no budget for such at the moment.

It always makes me twitch to listen to a drill stalling because someone isn’t sending the screw home properly or has the torque wrong (it’s usually the former though).  Cordless drills–especially lower powered ones–are notorious for this.  There was more than a bit of that and I think he mentioned he only used three screws.  We are definitely stereotypical gender flipped where tools are concerned.

Why he did this yesterday, I’m still not clear because we haven’t finished the bed build yet.  Cart before the horse situation. He’s been tired of late, and when he’s like that, there is no amount of talking, scolding, pleading nor hollering that will get him to set aside what he has in mind that he decided needs to happen right now.

But what do I know?  I’m just some random gal.  I kid, I kid.

I feel like the underpants gnomes.  Step one was collect trellis.  Step three was get trellis upright so grapes can grow and we profit (in tasty food to eat).  We somehow buried step two along the way, and I highly doubt we’ll profit from it with fruit this year let alone next.

The two grape plants we’ve found are very young and I don’t think they’ll fruit this year from what I’ve read, so we may just transplant them whenever the prep work is one anyhoo.

He’s got a lot of work ahead of him this week, as do I.  So I’m not quite sure when we’ll be finishing this mini part of a larger project (second kitchen bed.)

An update nonetheless.  I simply hope I won’t feel the need to undo what he did yesterday to do it right.

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