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What is it? Part 2

Courtesy Notice: This did get a bit more rambly than planned, but I don’t have time to try to knock it down because I have a promise to keep today.

It finally opened!  The other one also suddenly has a second bud forming.  So I had to take some pictures.  I want to point out that last year I have no photo evidence of anything like that in that bed.

Here’s what’s odd.  When I look at my 2018 Plantings notes, I wrote that I planted “Black eyed susans – porch – June 8”. From pictures I’ve looked at, this is a fairly likely candidate but the “porch” designation is supposed to mean something else. Continue reading “What is it? Part 2”

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Where did all these blue jays come from?

And why are they in my kitchen garden where I’ve never noticed them before?

I really miss my better camera.
Managed to get two in one shot through the office window. Bad camera only still, apologies.

I haven’t planted any new seeds in that bed in weeks.  They seem to like the bean teepee as a perch, but aren’t bothering the plants that I can see.  The basil has started to flower, and one wildflower I let be might be starting to seed, but still.

Seriously.  I think I’ve counted six individuals flitting about so far.   Some seem to be juveniles, but I’m not a bird expert.  Normally I only see two max.

*thinks*  So what do you call a bunch of bluejays?  *goes to search*  Oh good grief.  I just looked it up, and apparently I had a small party of blue jays in my kitchen garden.  Can’t help but laugh at that!


What is it?

So the two about foot tall flowers on the west bed in front of the porch have become a daily (ok, since the petals started showing, multiple times daily) ponderance I feel the need to lift.

I’ve done some comparisons.  I’ve sworn at a few plant ID sites that lack the details I wish I could input to maybe get a closer result.  Still, I am unsure.  Eventually, I hope, I’ll learn what they really are.

The last time I guessed something was a flower, it turned out to be a tree.  Last time I thought I found a certain larvae that would grow to be a butterfly, I instead had found a larvae that is growing to be a moth.  I’m obviously terrible at the guessing game, but knowing that doesn’t quiet my brain.

Any day now…any day…I will learn.