Where have all the chipmunks gone?

Last year I know we had chipmunks running around.  I’d see them from time to time.

This year?  Not a one yet.

I’m not sure if they got tired of being hunted by the local strays and outdoor cats, or maybe something else I haven’t spotted yet that could be eating them?

…or just hiding better?

I’m really not sure.

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Thoughts on sharing and friendships

The Will Rogers quote I also posted today is one near and dear to my heart.  A friend of mine I play LOTRO with says that quote all the time.  I share his belief in what it means, and have made many friends over the years where the initial contact between us was a meeting of strangers.

I also believe in the notion of sharing one’s abundance.  We were very lucky here in that so many plants were already here, many are well established to boot.  When you move to a new place, and really don’t know anyone, sometimes sharing is a way to meet someone that might turn out to be a life long friend. Continue reading “Thoughts on sharing and friendships”

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strawberries everywhere followup part 2

Today, as I am yanking up my latest nemesis–purple loosestrife–I see a tiny blob of red.  “Huh,” I think to myself, “That’s new.”

Strawberries.  Three tiny ones on a plant buried in the front yard sloped portion’s masses of wildflowers and grasses.  Then I find another plant close by, also with red budding berries. Continue reading “strawberries everywhere followup part 2”

Two things I hope to share soon.

One is a post I need to finish about my visit from the Conservation Commission’s actual Conservation Agent.

The other is about how I went from trying to ID the butterfly I posted about earlier, then stumbled upon a lucky find about info to raise Monarch larvae (aka caterpillars).