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Thoughts on sharing and friendships

The Will Rogers quote I also posted today is one near and dear to my heart.  A friend of mine I play LOTRO with says that quote all the time.  I share his belief in what it means, and have made many friends over the years where the initial contact between us was a meeting of strangers.

I also believe in the notion of sharing one’s abundance.  We were very lucky here in that so many plants were already here, many are well established to boot.  When you move to a new place, and really don’t know anyone, sometimes sharing is a way to meet someone that might turn out to be a life long friend.

Growing like gangbusters.

It was with this mindset that I recently put up an ad on a neighborhood app for “Free curly orange day lilies”.   I received my first response last night, and today a stranger came to my home with her daughter and we talked about life and flowers and growing things as we picked a clump from the long established bed by our driveway to fork up and put in a pot.  You may recall that’s the one we’re trying to move the plants out of because we want to make a walkway there.

She knows someone that knows a lot more about plants than I do.  She’s going to try to see if she can be a connection between us, since I expressed my lack of expertise as well as my willingness to learn.  That connection might never be made, or it might happen.  That connection could also be a friend I just haven’t met yet.

Even though humans can live up to roughly 100 years now, I feel that life is short, so when you can make the most of it, those experiences leave you a better person–even the experiences you’d rather forget.

I hope the other daughter she took the flowers for (a new homeowner just starting out with all the adventures that entails) enjoys these at her home, and I hope that another day I will have a chance to meet this stranger again, yet then we will be meeting as friends.

Time will tell.


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