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Where have all the chipmunks gone?

Last year I know we had chipmunks running around.  I’d see them from time to time.

This year?  Not a one yet.

I’m not sure if they got tired of being hunted by the local strays and outdoor cats, or maybe something else I haven’t spotted yet that could be eating them?

…or just hiding better?

I’m really not sure.

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    1. I kept meaning to respond back, but was waiting until maybe I saw one this year. Still none. Our neighborhood is an oldish one here, and there are some close by woodsy areas (not terribly large, but there). It might be the cats that regularly stroll through, or it might be one will surprise me one day. I grew up on a barrier island where there were no squirrels or chipmunks, though eventually pigeons did make their way across the water. My pop-pop shot them on sight because they’d gorge at the feeders and keep the songbirds away. He was gentle towards many creatures, but pigeons were not one of them.

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