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At least 30 minutes in the garden goal.

After missing my first regrade deadline, I was determined to catch up somehow.  I thought about a few ways to motivate myself, especially when I dithered because rains might come.

We had already started doing short duration plans because my partner has been working a lot (along with commuting farther), so he’s often tired as anything.  We’d set either a 30 minute or an hour goal, and I’d even set an alarm so we’d know the time was up and gauge from there if we would stop and put stuff away or continue another 30 minutes or so.

This worked well, until it didn’t.  Habits can be hard to build.  Still, I’ve been keeping at it more often than not even if I don’t set the timer much anymore.  Now that things are growing in earnest, it’s dead easy to spend at least 30 minutes in the garden once I get my butt out the door.  For some reason, even on days when I barely spend a half hour outside, I still feel better than when I don’t spend any at all.

There are those days where I let the weather keep me indoors, though every time I do that, I think about folks that farm for a living or run professional non food plant growing businesses (I’m sure there’s a term for this–I should learn it.  If you know it, feel free to say what it is in the comments.)  Then I feel like a lazy bum for not even braving, say, a fairly windless light rain I used as an excuse to stay indoors that day.

The weather has been a bit easier to work around lately though.  We haven’t had solid days of mostly rain in a bit now.  This weekend will be a small challenge because we may have at least one day where it rains all day.  So it’ll be interesting to see if I can squeeze in my half hour outdoors.

If I do hide, I’m going to try to spend the half hour I should be outdoors finishing up my follow up post about the Conservation Commission meeting and what happened after.

Time will tell!

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