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Speaking of strawberries…surprise!

I had noticed yesterday when looking at the patch along the fence that a leaf seemed to be crumpled a bit.  I thought it was simply caught while growing under the next nearest leaf and grew oddly, so I bent down to nudge it open, and then felt uneducated.  Inside was a larvae.  I hadn’t even considered something would be inside.

I found out today they are called leafrollers (aka leaf-rollers).  (Ancylis comptana fragariae)  Although there have been times that the larvae damaged the plants they were on so much that the fruit suffered badly, from what I’ve read they typically only eat the leaf they are within and a bit more depending on conditions.

To be clear: They do not eat fruit, but the damage they do to a strawberry plant can cause enough shock to same plant to stunt the growth of the fruits.

If you’re curious about them, feel free to read more about them here.

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