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strawberries everywhere followup part 2

Today, as I am yanking up my latest nemesis–purple loosestrife–I see a tiny blob of red.  “Huh,” I think to myself, “That’s new.”

Strawberries.  Three tiny ones on a plant buried in the front yard sloped portion’s masses of wildflowers and grasses.  Then I find another plant close by, also with red budding berries.

Then, after I dig out more loosestrife near them, and roll back on my heels, I realize when I had leaned in to dig, I almost knee squashed a third plant with red berries.  (This could have been an “Oh noes!” moment because at the time I was too lazy to change into work clothes and my nice linen pants would have had a very splotchy red knee–won’t be lazy again.)

When my partner and I first talked about the strawberry plants and what to do with them, I had thought to put them in the front yard.  Then after reading up on them, I worried they wouldn’t get enough sun because that side of the house faces north.

The ones we’ve been babying, though?  The former flowers are barely beginning to look berry like (and very green).  They don’t get any morning sun because they are right up against the east property fence.

I see my lesson here, and I have learned it.  Now I’m back to my original plan of encouraging them towards the north slope.

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