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18th June Plantings and general Garden update

I further updated the 2018 Plantings list, adding some more details.

I planted more flower seeds today in pots indoors, as well as a few more fairytale pumpkin and pencil cob corn indoors just in case the ones that aren’t coming up yet were Acorn Bomber snacks.

One complete surprise today?  I am 80% sure the daylilies I had transplanted from our old apartment have made it afterall!  Last year they just did not grow at all, and I feared the landlady’s boyfriend that loved to douse everything with herbicides had killed them, as he did many more of my plants.  I could still be wrong, and somehow the Acorn Bombers “stored” some daylily pips from the other side of that bed in what’s pretty much the exact spot I had transplanted mine.  (I had planted ours before I knew that bed had some already, or I would have put them elsewhere.)

I am now in a new skirmish with purple loosestrife.  We did not have any here last year to my knowledge, but the portion of our front lawn near the street has a bunch this year, and some of it has even started making it’s way up the slope already.  I’m yanking it as fast as I can and putting it directly in the baking bag.  The seed likely blew over or was animal dropped because I don’t recall any nearby neighbors having any last year either.

The transplanted basil that was drooping has suddenly perked up since we supported it back up a bit.  The parsley I cut down to ground, as it was withering like crazy, so I hope that comes back.  Lavender and rosemary are doing their thing.  I trimmed one leggy bit off the rosemary, may have to do more soon.

I am wanting to get the second rain barrel in place, but the weather is going to hit 90°F+ today, and my insomnia kicked in so I haven’t slept yet still.  Rain expected tonight and tomorrow, hence my wanting.  Time will tell.

Oh, and the oriental bittersweet we helped get out of our neighbor’s last year?  Apparently we had some berries drop, and now we’ve got a dozen or so new stalks of them slithering their way out of the ground within a foot of the one tree that had it the worst that slightly straddles our property line.  That just can’t wait very long to get yanked, either.  Hopefully by the end of this week I will dig them all out.

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