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Last Frost Date Lessons, Part One

For newbie gardeners, some hard lessons can be learned when you work on your garden sooner than was wise due to your local climate.  In the three years we’ve been here, we’ve had some spectacular wishful thinking failures.  This was due to a combination of things, but one prevalent factor was our last frost date. Continue reading “Last Frost Date Lessons, Part One”

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When the rain barrel ran out of water…

…we realized we’d never turned the outdoor spigot cutoff on because we hadn’t needed it.  That was yesterday, the 15th of August.  Because of how the rain barrel’s spigot isn’t at the dead bottom of the barrel, we did try tipping it to get at more inside, but there’s only so far you can push that to get at the last bits left–plus then there’s the sediment issue from what ever’s gathered over the season thus far.

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