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In the year 2019 for Growing in Gardner…

…a lot has happened here, both online and outside our home.  Bad: Ultimately, I did not convey nearly as much here on this site as we actually did outside.  Good: We did manage to get a lot more done outside this year than we did the last two.  Hooray for progress!

I still have oodles of partially finished drafts and scads of images that I never posted from 2019 (and a few from 2018–eep!).  Of course I have had plans to “catch up”, but the time needed never seemed to become available to me.  With less than 48 hours left until the new year, I do not foresee much, if anything, changing here before then.

Moving into next year, though, there is some possible down time to dig a few bits out of the “never got around to it” pile before all the cycles begin anew and I hopefully document them better in actual finished posts that don’t sit in a draft folder.  It’s hard to say what may yet be posted with the pre(?) date herein, though the most likely is ferreting out all the office window views I never posted.  That’s the easiest time wise.  I would like to do more, but winter is also when indoor things should be addressed that kept getting put off when the weather was nice enough to do things outside.

After then, my non catch up late winter plans for the site are adding/changing what needs be for 2020, and ferreting out any 2019 bits that remain and updating those as well.  I’m also still dithering over if I should change the tagline and its associated page.

Then it will be time to focus on what seeds we might need, and trying out some new seed starter methods we hope to have more success with next year.  I also need to seriously give time to the plan overall regrading as well as landscaping of the front yard.  If we get snow nearly as bad as predicted, I will again be cursing myself each time I have to shovel snow in our driveway because we still have not even started carving out the new grades out front, which means I have a few extra feet to heft up the snow to get it out of the way.  *chuckles*  With any hope, next year the driveway will be redone as well, making it much easier to deal with wintry related business in general.

Whatever the near or far future holds, I am grateful for what we managed this year, and learned many lessons I hope I do not forget.   I also hope we don’t have as wet of a spring, as the yellowing disease was a difficulty thanks to the increased leaf hoppers spreading it here and there.

As I write this, icy rain is coating everything I can see out my window.  The storm window is speckled, and the camera will likely focus on that instead of the wondrous view I have at the moment.   I may fake an “office window view” and go stand just outside the window to shoot without the rain splattered storm in the way since I do not want to let in the cold air while I’m shooting.  If it doesn’t let up by afternoon, that may be the better option.

For some strange reason, I’m just now realizing I forgot to post when we took the rain barrel in this year.  I want to say it was before Halloween, but I’m not certain.  I may have marked it in my notes…but I do like to have comparison data so hopefully I will find it.  I do know it was late enough that I was worried about it freezing and cracking as it was quite cold that day I was filling all our jugs with what was inside.  I also figured out a better way to dump what was left when we ran out of jugs so it didn’t all just run straight into the street.

To everyone that reads this, I hope you had a good year–whatever that means for you–and I offer my best wishes for your upcoming New Year as well.

Our Yule card this year–rubber stamp with colored pencil.

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