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2020 Site Change Plans, January edition

During the 2018-19 off season of gardening, I had inside projects to do, and lost time being the kind of sick where you mostly do what must be done rather than what you’d maybe prefer to spend time on doing.

I had higher hopes as this season’s off time arrived, and then my partner got hit with a heavier workload which meant I had to cover more than usual.  That’s eased off, so I’m now trying to at least knock off some of my To Do list (which is awesome to behold).

What part of that list will affect here?  Well, after pondering what to tackle first, I decided before belatedly adding any additional content from 2019, that it’d be best to tighten up the Categories and Tags first, as that’ll mean less to have to shuffle than if I waited to do it after adding more content.

I forget when I realized last year that I could tighten up the Categories a bit, and simply rely on folks using both the Tags and the Search function for some of the bits instead of  adding more categories/subcategories (and sub-sub).  I may add a tag cloud widget or menu page, but I’m still on the fence about that.

Because this is a live change site, there may be times when things get a bit weird.  I hope to not break any inline links during the process, but human error is probable.  If you find an inline link that gives you an error message, I beseech you to tell me either in a comment on that page or via the Contact page.

The Categories work I hope to have done before this month’s end.  Before posting this, I have 336 posts, and I’m not sure it would be efficient to do the math on how many will be affected before diving into this aspect of planned changes.  If a week into things, I realized I’ve only managed to do less than 30 posts, I’ll post a note about the pace in case anyone is following the changes.

On the other hand, sorting out the Tags may take longer given there will be more to sort, so I don’t have a definitive target done date other than “before mid-April”.  If the Categories changes take longer than planned, I may instead dive into polishing content that’s been collecting dust from last year and getting that posted first.

Speaking of the dusty content…when I switch out to that, I will be posting a link list of what got added the week prior each Friday until I’m all caught up, then a post stating I’m all caught up.  Until I start into the 336 Categories work, I am not planning a time frame to start or finish this portion.  So time will tell on that.

Speaking of dusty things, I have no idea if folks like the tiny slide show widget of the Office Window Views.  I have no real way of tracking that, although I know the posts that contain those images do seem to get a certain amount of steady attention.  I may change it to a general image slideshow, or simply add the general as a second show.  I may also finally give folks a break on the upper banner and change that to rotating general images.

At some point, I want to post an image of this year’s “plot plan” for the yard overall.  I have a really rough 2019 sketch which evolved into more a record of what we planted where that I might clean up and post as part of the dusty content for comparison, but if time is tight I will hold off and focus on this year instead.  As much as I want this addition, I also know this particular goal may not happen this year due to time spent on other things.

The daily progress journals got a bit long winded last year, then I stopped posting anything for long stretches because I couldn’t figure a way to cut them down in the time I had available.  I want to do some sort of daily, but that’s still simmering on a back burner for the time being.

Lastly, two things: the main menu link setup overall, and how I handled the tagline explanation.  I have a few possibles in mind for the menu, but not even a cloudy notion whatsoever for the “Friends” page (which I am resisting linking to because it may change).  I never developed the same habit of taking pictures of that particular spot as I have with the office window views.  Additionally, although the initial shot of the garage bed (as we call it) was the inspiration for the tagline, the concept really applies to the entire yard.  As of this moment, I do not have a definitive start time frame in mind for these two bits.  I’m going to wait to see how the other progress goes first.

I think I hit all the major probables/possibles.  If I forgot anything, you’ll know when I remember.

If you have two copper you’d like to share on my plans, feel free to toss them in the comment section below.

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