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Garden Growth–22 May 2020

We managed to get one rain barrel out today, as there is rain predicted.  They keep cutting back on how much rain to expect, and now it’s been pushed off clear until tomorrow morning.

They are still predicting winds, but I’m hoping we’ll get enough rain that it won’t be an issue.  I have tied the rain barrel out front to the porch until enough rain had fallen to weigh it down, but we were pressed for time as it was.  So we took a marker and wrote our street address on the back of the barrel just in case.

I managed to break my glasses today as we were setting up the rain barrel.  I had taken them off and since I didn’t have a shirt with a front pocket on it, I had put them on the ground near where we were working.  Well…Mr. Murphy sure wasn’t going to let that easy opportunity slide!  *chuckle*

Shortly after we had checked all the seals and were about to move it to the platform…*crunch*  I did managed to pop the right lens back in that had fallen out, but the metal frame overall is so contorted even after my trying to straighten it out that when I put them on to see how my work held up after a few minutes of fiddling with bending it back, my eyes didn’t know how to adjust to them.  I may try again later, but I think they might be beyond saving.

Fortunately, it was my old pair I had held onto–full well knowing what a klutz I can be and how often Mr. Murphy likes to visit.  It’s especially fortunate, actually, because out of curiosity I did try to see if any local opticians are open (even the big chains), and the answer was a resounding no due to the pandemic shut downs despite some websites claiming they were open, but the phone message said otherwise.   Now I’ll have to be especially careful with my newer ones.  We are in the process of opening back up, but who knows how long that will last before we might need to roll back the advance, given how some other states have fared with such.

We still need to get the herb starters in the ground.  (Basil, parsley and rosemary.)  Depending on the rain tomorrow, that will either happen or not.  We also need to start getting some seeds into the ground.  I am still reeling over how late we are this year, especially since last year we were too early starting.  We’ll find the middle ground some year, I hope!


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