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It works, until it doesn’t.

I was so excited because we managed to get the rain barrel out before the heavy rains set in here, and when I checked it this morning it was full.  Time to pat myself on the back, right?

Photo of a plastic rain barrel next to a dusky blue porch. There are a few concrete stepping stones and edgers scattered about. A few plants are also in view, most early spring growers like hostas there there are also shrubs behind the barrel and a tree can be seen across the street at another house.

Alas, what I didn’t yet know…

…is that when I went to fill the first water jug we had emptied over winter, when I turned the spigot, I thought I heard a noise I wasn’t expecting. I foolishly thought “Oh, that’s because it sat all winter. Probably did that last year too.”

Nope. Now the spigot won’t shut off fully.  I tried to fiddle with it which I quickly realized was silly–something inside had snapped and that’s why it won’t shut off. We do have the other rain barrel that I can do a quick swap out…except the rain barrel outside is full to the brim thanks to the storm.


At the current drip rate, and depending on how accurate the forecast will be over the next five days or so…I don’t know when this might be more easily emptied to either swap out the spigot, or the barrel over all.

New thing to add to the yearly spring To Do List (which, as all my To Do Lists are, is mighty to behold) is test each spigot before putting out any barrel.

Care to share thoughts on this?