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Another round of Monarch Guardianship

Four yogurt containers, each had a single milkweed leaf in it. All the leaves have one monarch egg, save the one on the bottom of the image that has two eggs on the underside of the leaf.
There likely could have been more, but with the wildfire particulate in the air and knowing it’s early in the season here I stopped after finding the five eggs.

Since I had seen my first Monarch of the year earlier in the week, I knew at some point I should be looking for eggs.

Somehow the thought popped into my head today while I was taking care of some other bits out back that I should at least check the one plant I was pretty sure I had seen a female laying eggs there in particular. Stopped collecting after finding five. (The container on the bottom has two eggs on the leaf hence two red labels for the lid.)

And now my watch begins…again…

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