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Our front yard rain barrel is finally in place.

Rain Barrel
Hooray for more free water!

It was only yesterday when I finally got around to setting out the front yard rain barrel, and it’s already full!

This year really has been interesting.  Due to some community organizations I’ve joined plus the crazy weather we had earlier this year, plus my partner’s schedule…time in the garden has been reduced thus far from where we hoped it would be.

He’s still working crazy hours, and I’ve been putting in what time I can in the garden around both meetings and gatherings related to the community orgs as well as technical related help I’ve been giving to a few nonprofits as well, primarily related to websites and utilizing Discord.

Yesterday was my first meeting at the location for one of the community gardens being worked on in our area, and we met despite the threat of rain.  We are down to the last container of rain water from last year, so I knew I had to get at least one outside and in place before the rains started.  I’m so glad I did, because now I have plenty of water for the garden again.

More posts (in particular those waiting for polish) as time allows, but I’m already realizing this growing season is going to be challenging to my trying to post more regularly.  Time will tell if I get better with that habit or not.

Care to share thoughts on this?