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Along the driveway progress

This was barely started last year, and we found an hour to spare today with co-operation from the weather, so we hopped on it.  Tomorrow I’ll post a bit more info about this project area overall.

For now, just two progress images, and I did not plan the before/after well because the shots are not exactly the same, though one seems much closer than the other thanks to Photoshop cropping.  I put in arrows on the worse off pairing to show which post in the fence is the same to give a better idea of the change. Continue reading “Along the driveway progress”

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Learning to work with a new climate

The gardens I grew up in and near were in southern NJ, on a barrier island where if you dug too deep, you’d hit soggy brimed soil.  The property was one block from the bay, two from the ocean, on the northernmost part of the island which was narrow there compared to most of the island.

Despite that, my maternal grandparents had thriving gardens full of ornamentals as well as food crops, though we didn’t have a lot of tall trees. Continue reading “Learning to work with a new climate”