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Sunny yellow in the shade.

A single yellow daylily in bloom, surrounded by other buds and leaves of the plant as well asthe lighter ovular toothedged lighter green leaves and brown stems of a red raspberry plant.
This was the third day lily to bloom this year out of the two yellow lily patches we have.

I took this photo earlier today, and the sun was just starting to swing around to the back of the garage, as can be seen by the bits of sunlight starting to hit the leaves in the back of the image.

Two other buds bloomed on this same plant, just off the outer edge of this image. This daylily plant was here when we bought the property.  It likely needs dividing since we’ve been here for four years now, and I haven’t done so in all that time.  I meant to do it last year when I was clearing the bed out a bit (and found the Hidden Treasure Trellis), but other things took priority like pruning the nearby red raspberry, which definitely was worth it because this year we had a lot of new growth.  Still, I’m very happy it bloomed again this year.  I’m also looking forward to more red raspberries to eat!

The other yellow daylily patch we have on the opposite end of the bed the one pictured above is in is also now budding.  That still-only-budding plant is one I had transplanted from our rental property when we first moved here in 2017, and it did not do much of anything until it surprised me by growing back strong in 2018.  It has grown and flowered faithfully every year since then.  It has spread a bit, but likely won’t need dividing for a few more years.

We have a few different types of daylilies here, but I haven’t had time to identify them all just yet.

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