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Playing pick up sticks after the winds have died down

Sometimes, I want to kick myself for not remembering to grab a camera…but time is still tight and habits have been lost.

Speaking of cameras, the Vivitar is as good as dead.  The lens got foggy and it’s a (back then) $20 camera that was never the kind meant to be fixed.  I may fool with it because of the haze, but I managed to find the charger for the mini Canon so whenever I update the Office Window Views, there will be a noticeable change.  Speaking of…I have been taking them fairly regularly despite not posting here, and do plan on updating those and eventually making slide shows to show the changes over time.

But back to yard clean up after a storm.  The one that left the trees looking all fairy tale like?

Heavy snow on a variety of evergreen and deciduous trees behind a single car garage in New England.
(It almost looks like a holly day card with the deep red garage door.)

It caused lots of branch fall, and even some much bigger “fall” which I touched on in yesterday’s post.  Today, I did go out to pick up a bunch on the west side of the property but forgot to take a camera to do a before/after.  Sometimes I wish we had a wood stove, but other days I’m glad we don’t have one.  We may still build an outdoor wood stove for cooking/baking/sitting near.

Oh!  Almost forgot…the wood pile experiment to encourage a safe space for critters to hide from predators which I’m not sure I ever actually posted about us trying here?  Working splendidly.  I should take a picture though it collapsed a bit after that one storm so it needs some pockets of space built back into it.  Despite having a bunch of dogs on bordering properties?  The rabbits are crossing here!  Free fertilizer!

But now I need to build some fencing for the garden this year.

I’m ok with this.

Care to share thoughts on this?