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Starting the ToDoList for 2023

Another year, another set of plans that may or may not go as planned.  A lot has happened since my last post.  I’m not going to get into all that today–in fact, I’m not even going to get into that a little bit today, honestly.  Instead, I want to look towards the future.  Even if my ToDoList (which remains awesome to behold) is still so…awe inspiring in its own scary but foolishly still somehow catering towards my oft present optimistic side that is stubborn and forever hopeful.  (Oh, Past Me….the things you have not done to help Present Me, let alone Future Me.)

Anyhoo, my reason for posting is similar in nature to that scary but hopefully something positive manner I tend to hold.  We had a rather heavy winter storm come through.  Although it’s not evident from this first image which shows some of what happened during that, the next image further down should make it more clear as to how this happened:

Two large tree branches that had fallen from snow and ice weight as well as high gusting winds in a more naturalized than not urban backyard.
Hell, yes, the yard’s a mess.  Yet it’s not all bad.

As you can sort of see, there is some serious branch fall there from two different trees.  The good news is that it did not land on either the neighbor’s chain link fence to the south nor our garage.  My first thought was that I was so grateful I did not have to call our insurance agent during a storm.

It wasn’t until later as I was trying to get some sleep that I realized…”FREE WOOD!”  I’d been wanting to both move and expand the wooden fenced in compost bin, but was lacking the corner posts to do so because, frankly, funds have been super tight since the pandemic.  We are also one of the million American households that has yet to get a dime of covid stimulus funds from the IRS–which, they assure us, they should have figured out what happened with that any….day…now.  *sighs*

So, with a bit of work…there are my corner posts.  Free, so I don’t care if the wood doesn’t last long because it was dead anyhoo.  Not looking this particular gift horse in the mouth, as it were.

There are so very many things I’ve been wanting to write about this year alone (forget all the past stuff still in draft folders and all the office window views, etc.), but there is still so much going on outside of this blog that I have to catch up on as well.  Still, I’m hoping to eventually get back into a rhythm of at least once a week posts for the rest of this year.  At this point I hope I can manage at least that, but life has had a way of ruining my best laid plans for a while now.  *chuckle*

Time will tell, as it always does.

And because I can…here’s what things looked like during said storm when these branches came down.  You can see the one break near the center trunk where one of the branches came from on the left hand side.

A view of tree tops heavily laden with ice and snow in an urban backyard in New England from stormy weather in mid January 2023.
So pretty! I have to say, of all the things I have been grateful about at our home, my office window view has been a constant comfort.

So…here’s to hoping this year we can get back on track with our gardening and I can get back on track with more regular posts here.  I’m also going to try to at the very least do the once a week changes to the site posts even if only to post all the office window views I took but could not post here then.  I will also start doing some the little bits like changing out the main header image to something more seasonal and so forth.  I think I did manage to update the last frost date estimate recently.  Hrm.  I’ll check that after posting this.

I hope this finds you all well.  May your gardens be abundant this year and give you much satisfaction.

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