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You go, strawberries!

I saw this today, and it was a delight.

There are more (off camera) stretching beyond too.
I’ll show you, Burdock! I’ll just grow up between your big ol’ leaves to get my sun, thank you very much.

My fears about the strawberries can be laid to rest, so long as we don’t dally removing the plant trying to smother them all up and down the driveway strip.  I forgot to check to see how the patches are doing out on the front slope.

I did get a bit of clearing done today, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what still needs to be done.  This is going to be a very interesting learning curve year, I think.

This image is from that same strip, taken in May of 2018, but I think this spot is a bit further towards the street.  Notice the dandelions that are now gone from at least that bit of land along the driveway.  (Then again, it’s probably too early to crow about that just yet.)

Have I mentioned I can't wait to get rid of the asphalt driveway? No?



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