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Can you spot the Golden Northern Bumble bee?

Difficulty: its wings are a blur, and it’s facing almost dead-on to the camera.  Zooming helps.

Cheeky little thing, not striking a profile pose!
If you look just right of center…see that black blob (head) at the tip of the what seems a light yellow blob (body)? Yep. That’s it.

Honestly, it just would not stay still when I was trying to capture it (on camera)!  This type is native to here, and they can live underground.  It’s one of the reasons I’m always nervous digging around in a bed, I might be wrecking their home!  Their nests are usually a loose soft light entanglement of grasses and geese or other feces (I guess as a binder?  Maybe a scent mask?  I’ll have to look further into that some day.) that the bees bring to arrange the nest themselves.

Care to share thoughts on this?