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Freeze warning for tonight…

Not a surprise, but the good news is the rest of the forecast above, plus the text only forecast that’s lower on the site’s page I didn’t clip here shows the few nights after what’s in the image until next Wednesday in the mid 40s.  So maybe tonight will be the last frosty one this season.  Time will tell.

Having checked, though, I will be putting off building the quick and dirty cold frames for the few bits I’ll be planting in egg cartons later today.  I do keep forgetting we bought a cloche as well.  Still, holding off.

I am debating if I should cover the lavender or not, but it seems to be regreening itself just fine so far this year.

New England frost ain't got nothing on me!
I’m so happy this has hung in there. We bought it two years ago, but forgot to winter cover it the first year.

I do find it funny that we’re getting the warning, since just the other night we were below freezing, and they didn’t tag it with a warning.  Anyhoo!

How are other folks that have frost into May dealing with it?  Let me know below.

Care to share thoughts on this?