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Remember The 2 Hour Garden book?

I fell in love with this book when I first borrowed it from our local library.  Yes, it was older and a handful of practices within it had since been improved upon within gardening communities, but more often than not, the lessons and strategies within were still sound.  When I realized how many times I was borrowing it, I tracked down a copy and bought itContinue reading “Remember The 2 Hour Garden book?”

Note to Future Me #13

So…the 2020 pandemic thing was quite a surprise.  Hopefully that’ll be over or at least under control by the time you see this, the biggest gardening take away: waiting until later winter/early spring to order seeds is a bad idea.  Even if you, like (Present) Me, actually have the list ready quite a bit of time before you figured you might order. We have to step up our timeline.  Trust me on this. Continue reading “Note to Future Me #13”

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Transfer seedlings: too dried out or too much handling?

In my head, I know it’s one thing to have what you need on hand and at least in an easy to grab place.  It’s another thing to go a step further and do as much as you can within reason before starting something.  Somehow, such foreknowledge slipped through the sieve of my brain and now I’m trying to salvage some transplants as a result.

Continue reading “Transfer seedlings: too dried out or too much handling?”