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Garden Growth–14th April, 2019

Crazy busy day, and might have gotten more done if not distracted by a family phone call.  It was still very productive, and I have a film crew in town that ran over schedule to thank for that–an event held on location was waylaid giving him more time to work with me today.

  • Watered all indoor seed starts, worried about the last surviving three cilantro transplants because I had moved them down to a shadier shelf, now moved back to a sunnier one where I hope they’ll perk up.
  • We set aside the seeds that we might still start indoors, I think tonight will be carrots and…broccoli, my partner just reminded me.
  • We sat down with the sketch we’ve been working off for this year’s overall garden plan after that when I realized we hadn’t picked a spot for the sunflower mix yet, and then went over a few things to make sure we’re both still on the same page with things.
  • Did a brief walkabout the grounds when taking out kitchen scraps, picking up sticks and such.
  • Saw even more insects today than yesterday.
  • Saw and heard more varieties of birds today, but did not have time for pictures,   quite a few smaller varieties are pecking around the yard right now as I type this.
  • Still working on the planting calendar when I can.
  • Tested the soil for diggability for a possible holly move, realized we hadn’t even prepared the new site and wouldn’t have time to do both, so partner and I swapped out plans for the day.
  • We instead set up the new compost bin, minus the gate door I need to change the hinge side for (I forgot the fencing we picked up had a door–it just doesn’t open the way we want).
    Hooray for free useful stuff!
    I’m a bit worried about it being close to the trees, but we dug down a bit looking for surface roots and didn’t find any in that spot.

    Old paint I thought to use on the surround was all interior--oops.
    Almost done the enclosure, ran out of daylight to transfer materials from old to new.
  • We also started taking apart the doghouse.  The wood overall is in much worse shape than we thought, but we’re planning to use it around the garden where we didn’t have budget for certain things as a “meantime” measure.  If it rots more, no big deal, and aside from using it to espalier the boysenberries since they are a lower berry, we won’t be using any of the wood for anything structural.

    We were really weirded out when we found the burn/smoke inside. Hope there was no dog in there at the time.
    So much rot, the weirdest inside the doghouse fire evidence, and still not easy to pry apart.
  • Not knowing a phone call was on the way, undid the wire fencing around the old compost bin so I could start transferring that over while my partner finished taking apart the doghouse, cutting a section off that we might use as part of the Berry Army reformation plan.  The rest will go towards the larger leaf bin we’ll set up after we clear out an area that has a lot of Acorn Bomber saplings we don’t want to keep as well as new recruits for the Berry Army that will be sent across the lawn.  We put a short leftover section of the fencing on top just in case we got any winds tonight because I did not have time to move all the materials in the old bin area.
  • As we are quickly approaching the end of our first “fortnight” for The 2 Hour Garden plan, we’re pretty spot on schedule wise.  I hope to post more about that this week, but we’ll see how the week develops.

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