Garden Growth–19th May, 2019

The rains were a bit heavier in the morning that we thought they would be, but the afternoon skies cleared and we made the best we could of the time available.  Temperatures quickly climbed to a high of 76°F, and what feels to us a sudden change meant our bodies were not yet acclimated to the warmth as we worked outside.  I was especially grateful for the time I could work in the shade. Continue reading “Garden Growth–19th May, 2019”

Garden Growth–8th May, 2019

Keenly aware of our predicted 122 day growing season, we’re itching to get more into the ground.  At the same time, we’re trying to not repeat mistakes from last year which means more work being put into beds to make sure they are as hospitable as we can manage this year.  Another sunny day in which my partner was home early helped.  High at about mid 60s°F. Continue reading “Garden Growth–8th May, 2019”