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Garden Growth–6th May, 2019

I cringe to admit that the weather was stellar today, and yet not much time was spent outdoors.  Broke 60°F today.

  • Watered seedlings, worried about the second to sprout like crazy potato because it’s very leggy and searching desperately for that sun.
  • Every time I thought I’d finally get outdoors for more than a kitchen scraps to compost run, something else came up.
  • When my partner got home from work, we were both bushed and wound up on our front porch swing for a while just decompressing and talking.
  • I meant to take a picture of the lavender, and plumb forgot.
  • Although I am a bit frustrated at how little got done considering how gorgeous it was outside, there are some days when it’s kind of nice to just sit on the swing and relax as the sun sets too.

Care to share thoughts on this?