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Garden Growth–5th May, 2019

More of the same weather wise, but sun is in the near future. 

  • Watered seedlings.
  • We ended up stopping at a few garden related places while running errands.  One shop was closed that I though started being open on Sundays in May–guess not.  Another was open on Sundays now that it’s May but they close at 2, and we got there after then as the location fit in our errands.  Although another has expanded their supplies, as with last year all their starts looked poorly kept after, though we may be getting out cattle fencing/poles there if the price is better than the the place that closed at 2.
  • Due to the timing of rain, we really didn’t get much of note done outside.
  • We did do a walk around, and as we were cementing our plans, my partner noticed that the lavender is showing signs of recovery.  Last year, I was a bit foolish in that I didn’t even cover mulch the rosemary or the lavender, and it seemed that neither had made it.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Care to share thoughts on this?