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Garden Growth–4th May, 2019

Rainy day, which was fine as I had a lot of errands and inside the house things to do.  Temperatures made it up to the 60°F range, and as last night, another night hovering in the 50s.

  • The spray bottle I’ve been using for the seedlings vanished.  It wasn’t in the usual places, and I still can’t find it in unusual places either.  I was at first confounded, then I blamed pixies.  My partner countered that brownies were more likely because although pixies are mischievous, brownies tend to take things you need.
  • I bought another spray bottle while running errands just in case the other stays missing, thinking at worst one can be the upstairs bottle and one the downstairs if we find the one that’s currently AWOL.  That will mean there would be less places to look if one of the two goes missing in the future.
  • I’m still re-reading information on what we hope to plant this year as far as placement, spacing and companions.
  • I came to the realization today that maybe I shouldn’t be so discouraging of my partner’s ambition for grapes.  Even if things don’t go well this year, it’s not like we’re so time starved that whatever time he spends on them will mean we completely lose something else that would have been the miracle we needed to make everything perfect.  I feel a bit silly now, really, in how I kept pushing off even talking about them lately.  I need to apologize about this tomorrow over breakfast.
  • I priced out cattle panels (and learned there are hog panels and such too), and they’re not as bad as I feared.  We should be able to get at least 3 or 4 this year without breaking the budget.  When we finish up the payments for a micro loan we had at the end of this month, we’ll figure out how many we’ll get and do so in early June.  I don’t think any of the climbers will be quite in dire need before then.
  • I have to continue to NOT fret about all the companions we’re not planting this year.  Do what we can when we can and plan for next time.
  • Researched blackberries to get a better understanding of variants and what trellis system might work best for us.
  • Watched some videos about pruning hollies, and honestly learned more about and grasped a greater overall perspective of pruning from reading an article about making small fruit trees than I had from any of the videos I watched that were holly specific.  I’m starting to realize that so many sites simply parrot simplified info when there are better ways to do things even if you need to keep more aspects in mind.
  • Took two library books back that I realized I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to just now.  Next fall, I need to step up my reading schedule because this time of year really isn’t good for in depth research for topics I don’t necessarily need to know right away.

Care to share thoughts on this?