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April 15th, 2019–Office Window View

Can you spot the juncos?
Green I have not seen in a while on the ground.

It is close to when I took the last view shot, but the sudden peek of green through our late fall/winter grown remnants of yellows and brown piqued my attention, which made me grab the camera.

I almost chose another shot where you could more clearly see one of the Acorn Bombers on the remains of the doghouse, but then I realized most folks likely don’t enlarge the images, and very few folks if any would notice the bit of gray.  There was a lot more glare on the storm window in the shot which also helped me discard that one as an OWV, though I’ll share it here for the rare folk that click on the images to see the full posts.

I still don't know how many squirrels we have here.
On instead of in the doghouse?

When today’s OWV was taken, juncos littered the lawn as well as a few sparrows, and after I took it, the juncos left and the robins moved in, pulling up worms as they worked their way around.

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